What is Inanimacy?

Hi, I'm Annie. I've been obsessed with puppets, paper projects, performing objects, and ritual practice since I was a small child. Into the wee hours of the night, I would craft small and intricate worlds out of paper. I have never lost my wonder of paper's humble potential nor the transformative power of engaging with our self-made objects.

My circuitous route to Inanimacy has led me in and around traditions of performance and puppetry for nearly thirty years. My inquiry has led me through a BFA in music theatre performance from Carnegie Mellon University, an MFA in theatre design and puppetry from the University of Minnesota, a Fulbright Fellowship for research in China with traditional shadow puppet artists, and a PhD from Concordia University in Montreal on the safeguarding theories of traditional vernacular puppet forms. In and along that route, I've clarified the deeper and more invisible underpinnings of my life-long pursuit. 

Before recorded time, humans all around the world have used material objects to centre their storytelling and meaning-making rituals and these traditions were passed down until, well, recently. Our culture's growing trend towards intimate distance is exactly what the paper projects and performing objects from Inanimacy hope to counteract. I hope you'll dive in, try it, and create engaging performances and meaningful rituals with you and yours.

I can't wait to see what you create, 加油!


Annie Katsura Rollins 


What We Do: If you're looking for unique paper objects to enrich your every day life, we're here to inspire you with our creative designs, projects, and kits. 

Where did the name come from? The name Inanimacy merges the words inanimate and animacy - the combination of "that which has no life of its own" and "the act of giving life".

Environmental Mission: Everything at Inanimacy is conscientiously sourced. Kits are made out of 99% recycled AND recyclable materials (we can't find recycled content shipping labels!) so you can trust that you're supporting a product and a company that is creating a marketplace for change and consciousness. 


Inanimacy is designed/created/printed/shipped from Toronto, CANADA